Equipment needed for Leopard Geckos:

1. Cage 

          a. Aquarium (10 gal per gecko)

          b. Plastic critter keeper (1.5 sqft per gecko)

2. Heat pad (no heat rock or lamp as they will injure your gecko)

3. Shallow food cup

          a. always keep a few meal worms in this at all times

          b. gut loaded crickets (about as big as the distance between the geckos eyes)

4. Shallow water bowl (use reptisafe or other water conditioner in your water)

5. Xtra small bowl for calcium (geckos need calcium available to them 24/7. Calcium powder supplement               with vitamin B3 is available at most pet stores)

6. Paper towels or reptile carpet to line cage bottom. (never use sand or gravel as it may cause impaction               of their digestive tract and cause death.

7. Hiding place located over the heated portion of the cage for sleeping and hiding.

8. Time: geckos are hardy pets that are surprisingly loving. The average life is about 20 years. They do                    need to be cleaned every 2 to 3 days. Please make sure you are able to make this commitment before            you purchase. 

I can provide a basic setup for you for an additional charge of approx. $50-$75 depending on your preferences.

Prices range from $75 and up depending on the morph (color patterns), size and gender.

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